Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rain, rain go away...

Well, school has been out for two weeks and now that I would expect to have more time, I actually have less.  I should have never procrastinated on my degree because now I am struggling with completing these last two classes.  I will persevere though with the help of Shore Duty for Mike and PS3, Apple TV & thousands of Legos for Michael.  I need to set a schedule for us but most days I just fly by the seat of my pants.  Fortunately, the rain is helping to keep us home-bound for a few days. 

I have learned that I am a visual learner and love writing and reading things on paper, rather than the computer.  I am trying to print the articles and my thesis so that I can focus better but my stupid printer won't work right now.  It says "error: pages not found".  Well DUH, I can see the pages so why can't my printer?!?!  I swear technology really gives me a headache some days.  Thank goodness for Excedrin, coffee and real Coca-Cola!  Of course my laptop, a MacBookPro, decided to crash on Saturday but Mike was here to save the day!  I think that I just need a big notebook and a few good pens to work on my thesis.  This is all quite aggravating and making me avoid working on it.  Michael keeps interrupting me to give me the play by play of The Fresh Beat Band to help.  As if my headache and frustration weren't enough, now I am singing along with The Fresh Beat Band

In case you were wondering, my thesis is about differentiation in the classrooms to meet the needs of all students.  Teaching overseas has allowed me to really see all kinds of classroom settings and a very large variety of students.  My school's population is very interesting as well.  Over half of the students are ESL (English as a Second Language) in some level or the other.  Still not sure of the levels but it ranges from the level of English in the child's language inventory.  As an adult, learning another language is so difficult but I can only imagine as a child being thrown into a foreign language and basically learning how to tread water to keep afloat.  These children have my utmost respect when it comes to adapting.  Anyway... my thesis uses all of this information to prove that offering a variety of instructional methods will meet the needs of all students.  I have also discovered that I really like research and with the help of my hero, Carol Tomlinson, I am able to prove my point.  I attended one of her lectures on Inclusion when I first started teaching and have followed her ever since.  So, if anyone knows her, please let me know she is one of my favorite people and I am dedicating my research to her.

Well, it seems like the boy wants breakfast and I guess I should eat something as well.  My friend Sarah Stadel has introduced me to a great little bakery here that will deliver to me.  Myuki makes the best orange peel bread and sunflower bread.  I sealed two loves of each and mailed them to my parents.  I hope they get there in good shape and they can enjoy them like I do.  Life is good when you have some great bread and a few cups of coffee to start your day. 

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