Friday, April 8, 2011

My hero

He picked his career knowing that he would never get rich or famous.  At an age when most people are packing for college, he was packing for boot camp.  He committed his life to protecting and serving his country and most days his dedication for his country is what kept him moving forward.  He has missed out on many holidays and birthdays with family and friends.  He was not home to see his son turn three, four or five.  He might not get to see him turn six, but his love for our son increases with every heartbeat.  He promised to lay down his life to protect the rights of all American citizens.  He makes sacrifices every day to make life better for others.  His needs and wants come last and his family must endure the long absences.  He knows his decisions will affect the needs and wants of his family, but our love for him keeps him strong.  The love I have for him can span the circumference of the universe for all of time.  It makes me mad that he puts our family after the needs of the military, but he wouldn't be the man I love otherwise.  His strength and dedication set the example for our son.  Having him in my life makes me a better wife and mother.  His love for us carries me through the hardest times in life.  When he placed the ring on my finger and I vowed to take him for better or worse, he stole my heart.  Our government may make decisions that affect our lives, but they can never decrease our love.  They can put his paychecks on hold while ensuring their paychecks are on time, but they will never take away the happiness and memories we have created and will create in the future.  The men and women elected to protect our rights might not make the decisions we would, but at the end of the day, I will always be proud of my husband and the life we have created.  When I miss him the most, I can look at our wedding album and not have one regret for choosing the life I did.  Our home is where the military sends us and my heart belongs to my hero.  Always and forever, I love you Michael Woodworth.  I will see you in my dreams.  XOXOXO

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