Saturday, April 2, 2011

To those who believe the news...

I have kept my opinion to myself long enough. I have always put everyone else first and myself last. As a military wife, I have been insulted and judged by people who do NOT know the facts or even understand what is going on. To quote Paul Harvey, let me tell you the rest of the story...

The news has reported that those of us who chose to evacuate are really living it up in Hawaii getting $22,000 a month. It has also been stated that my voluntary departure is a 'vacation on the government's dime'. But the best accusation is that I and my fellow military wives panicked and decided to evacuate because of mass hysteria. To everyone who knows me, I need not explain myself.

To those who will believe anything said on the news or written in a newspaper, sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride on the Karma Train! My name is Courtney and I will be your conductor today. We will be making several stops today in Neverland and then ending up in Reality.

Neverland Stop #1-

Calling this a vacation? Really??? No, not hardly. A vacation involves a set time-frame and a return date. It also includes happy thoughts, planning fun outings and lots of pictures with smiles and happy faces. It also includes returning to a home and getting back into a routine.

Neverland Stop #2-

Receiving free money? Nope, not one red cent! Everything has been out of my bank account, which is decreasing rapidly because I had to leave my job and when you don't work, you don't get a pay check. Silly me!

Neverland Stop #3-

Accepting military housing? Another negative there, Ghost Rider, we cannot receive military housing at our safe haven because we already have housing back in Japan. Stop listening to those news reporters who are sensationalizing our 'voluntary departure' just to increase their ad sales. Want the truth? Just ask a real person who is living this nightmare! My life is an open book and I plan to post the events daily if not more frequently.

Reality Stop #1-

Yes, I did accept a ticket from Japan to Richmond, VA.

Reality Stop #2-

Yes, I did accept a hotel room which was charged to my credit card along with all of my meals and any necessities needed for the overnight stay in Seattle.

Reality Stop #3-

Yes, I am at my safe haven with my parents and family. Fortunately, my parents have room for myself, my son and my husband's two dogs. In fact, they even want us here!!!

This concludes the end of our ride. To those who really care, Michael, the puppies and I are safe and sound. I am fighting sadness, frustration and regular everyday stress plus the unplanned absence of my husband and possible loss of our next orders. We are at my parent's house so please email me or call if you remember the number. I would love to visit and find ways to laugh at my life.

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